Then the NNL staff will conduct an investigation to verify whether your claim is justified – if the investigation concludes that something wrong happened, then the NLRB will try to reach some sort of agreement to resolve or correct the problem. If the NLRB decides that your right is not justified, you can appeal that decision, but you may need the help of a lawyer. To start representing workers, a union must first apply to the NRA to be the representative of a certain bargaining unit. In this petition, the union gives a description of the workers it wishes to have. As a general rule, the employer will protest this description and want it narrowed down – if no compromise can be found, the NRA decides, at its discretion and according to a reasonable interpretation of the NLRA, who will be involved. Legislators will likely be asked to approve employment contracts for eight bargaining units in 2020 – workers represented by these bargaining units account for more than half of the personnel costs of the General State Fund. The purpose of this contribution is to underline the importance of the administration`s obligation to justify the increases in remuneration to which it subscribes in employment contracts subject to the approval of the legislator. In particular, we discuss the importance of compensation studies for such justification. Employment contracts define the State`s remuneration policy and essentially bind the State to a level of expenditure for the future. As regards multiannual employment contracts in particular, these rules limit the flexibility of the legislator to react to changes in the economic environment.