Rests usually have a short maturity between one day and a year. Maturity flexibility is one of the main incentives for repo and offers a large number of opportunities to invest in cash at different maturities. Its other advantage is obviously the very low risk associated with guarantees, which makes it attractive to investors. . A repo whose valid names are in French, in particular, at retirement or retirement[1], is the contraction used in the United States for the term “sale and repurchase Agreement” or a repurchase or repo transaction, important financial instruments of the money market. According to ISMA, the International Securities Market Association, an international financial market organization, the remaining rest periods exceeded $8 trillion at the end of 2004, mostly in the very short term (less than three months). About 45% were noisy in dollars and only slightly less in euros. The profits of the securities lenders will be returned to the money market from the redistribution of the money received as collateral. A broker or speculator sends instructions to third parties that characterize a number of agreements that have been previously agreed upon to agree on the terms of a reoccupation agreement between that broker and an investor….