Yes, the bookstore can refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in good condition. Good condition is rated by the bookstore alone and usually means that the back of the book is intact, no excessive damage to the cover or content, all original pages are intact, all original components are present and no excessive highlighting, writing or other marks. Highlighting and writing in normal use is allowed. If the bookstore finds that your book is not acceptable for return, a replacement copy and a processing fee will be charged without return. I receive the rental notebook(s) in good condition, as indicated on the receipt and I understand that the books rented to me remain the property of LCC Bookstore. To obtain a full refund, rental books must be returned within the first 5 days of the 16-week term. Parking is available throughout the campus in premises marked by law. Parking cards for the main campus and Greenwood grounds are required for weekly, evening, weekend and holiday events. Discounted permissions can be obtained in advance for visitors and rental groups upon request. Read the Shoreline CC parking rules and regulations here.

If I do not refund the rental book, I will pay the full price of the book, less the rental fees previously paid, plus turnover tax. I understand that the debit/credit card used to secure the rent must have an expiration date at least 30 days after the expiration date of the published rent remittance for the duration. I authorize the bookstore or its agent to withdraw/debit the debit/credit card account used to secure the rental transaction. Cleaning – All personal materials, equipment and furniture must be removed from the university campus at the end of the event. The event, including cleaning, must be completed before the end of the contract period and, if additional cleaning time is required, the time will be added to the rental agreement. The campus closes at 12:00 p.m. .m midnight, so all audible music and entertainment must be completed by that time. Cleaning can take place after midnight with the agreement of university representatives. The user may be subject to a fee of at least USD 50.00 per day for items left at the end of the event.

In the #1600 theater, #3000 gymnasium, computer rooms, #9000 PUB Building and #800 Music Building, college building monitors and/or security personnel will be present until the building is evacuated. Tenants and Representatives of Shoreline CC who organize the event are charged for this period. If my rental manual is not returned by the stated return deadline or if I have any outstanding charges, I acknowledge and agree that I will confuse all future rentals at LCC Bookstore. I acknowledge that the non-return of the rented equipment until the deadline for returning the rent may lead to the delivery of my student card until all fees and expenses are paid. The duration of the rental begins on the day you pay for the rental of manuals and lasts until the last day of the final, as indicated on your order confirmation. All rented textbooks must be returned in good condition to the bookstore before the due date of the return of the rent. Magnets returned by mail must be postmarked until the due date of the rental refund.