In any case, be open with your landlord. Many landlords are cautious about rent transfers for the same reasons they keep from subletting agreements. I`ve heard anecdotal evidence from landlords thwarting outgoing tenants` efforts to transfer leases, even though the lease agreement explicitly allows for transfers. Just because they said they would pick you up the cheque doesn`t mean they let you out of your lease. If they don`t say they let you out of your lease, I wouldn`t make the assumption. I would try to talk to them and the reason. But at the end of the day, you have your money and they have a signed lease. So if they don`t feel like following the problem, there`s not much they can do about it now. You need discernment, experience and good knowledge of the local commercial real estate market. Use both your own talent and your advisor`s negotiating skills. Don`t give up on your position.

If the landlord knows you desperately want to withdraw from the lease, you don`t have the upper hand. I signed a lease, but if I can`t pay the deposit, I will still be bound by the contract. The only situation in which I imagine you are responsible for the duration of another tenant`s tenancy is when you have left your lease prematurely and you charge them for the lost rent. If the unit is rented and they collect rent, they can`t charge twice for your payments to stop. But it doesn`t seem fair that they expect your payments/rental term to continue because the new tenant didn`t work. I come from where they come from, but it`s a huge journey. And I`m not sure it`s legal. If you prefer not to retain responsibility for your lease after the extract, you should transfer it to a new tenant.

The buyers assume legal responsibility for the rent due after the transfer date and exempt the previous tenant, which will allow you to withdraw prematurely from your rental agreement without obligation going beyond the legal costs for the damage or impurities you have caused. You have the tenant`s right to breach a lease. Whatever the reason, you never have to live somewhere you don`t want anymore. .