5. The host school must verify your registration and the cost of the term, sign the form and send the form back to the EOU financial assistance office. THE FAS may initiate a consortium contract on behalf of a ku student if one or more of the following conditions are met: if the student does not receive university assistance, the FAS verifies the university registration (we can only do so if the student is actually registered), makes available the participation fee and finalizes all additional points of the consortium agreement. In some cases, schools need the clerk`s signature on the agreement. The deputy director of the FAS must sign and date the consortium agreement. The following conditions must be met to qualify for the conclusion of a consortium contract: 1. Complete the free application for assistance to federal students (FAFSA) and list the FHSU (code: 001915) as a school to obtain information and respond to all requests for further information. The student`s student newsletter (ISIR) is processed and a bonus letter is sent to the student, with estimated amounts for financial assistance on the basis of total registration/Desinemat for this semester. The student`s participation fees reflect the actual tuition fees assessed by the host and host institutions. The remaining costs for books, supplies, rooms and distributions, transportation and other costs are based on the standard costs of the FHSU. Adjustments are made at the time of disbursement when registration is contested or when initial cost estimates differ from actual expenditures.2. Determine the level of registration and make any changes you want before receiving federal financial support. Eligibility cannot be changed after the funds have been dispared, for any reason.3 Submit a consortium agreement form to the FHSU Financial Assistance Office.

A formal institutional consortium agreement is then submitted to the registration certificate by the other school`s grant office. Note: Some institutions can only certify registration after 30 days of classes. It is therefore the student`s responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for the payment of fees and books in each school. Financial aid can only be paid when the consortium agreement has been certified and returned to the FHSU financial assistance office. 4. The Office of Student Fiscal Services applies all available funds to all pending university fees. Excess financial assistance is automatically transferred to the student based on the method chosen on TigerEnroll during the enrollment period. It is the student`s responsibility to collect fees for both host institutions and host institutions.5 Unless the FHSU is already completed, all federal direct loan borrowers must complete the entry Counseling.6