The rental of Waterlogic water coolers guarantees you the complete service and protection of your water dispenser. After installing your system, our trained technicians perform maintenance tests to make sure your model is running at the usual high level. With our rental package, we also take care of the necessary repairs or the replacement of UV filters or fixtures. To help you think about the contract option that might be best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of buying, leasing or leasing a water cooler or water dispenser. If your company is looking for a more flexible alternative to buying, Waterlogic offers you the option to rent a water dispenser for a contractual period that suits you. You can also update your water machine if you extend your contract. If you invest in a water cooler, you can benefit from an endless supply of quality drinking water, as well as regular service and maintenance checks. Our water cooling contracts include installation and maintenance in the monthly price. With more than 250 support staff and BWCA-accredited engineers in 15 service centres in the UK, we aim for local service at the national level. If you rent a water cooler from us, our trained plumbers do the installation and installation so you don`t have to worry about the technique.

With a full service, Waterlogic makes sure you`re fully covered. We know that not all companies can budget for a water dispenser, so we offer water coolers and water distribution options. In addition to the benefits of reduced cost and increased comfort, you can update your model if you extend your contract. As we continue to develop and improve our water solutions, you can rent with us a waterlogic water cooler. Only Waterlogic combines the best filtration technology with first-class customer service. Waterlogic connects directly to your water supply with a problem-free installation and provides complete maintenance to keep your water machine in perfect condition. If you`re not sure about buying, renting or renting a water cooler, take some time to get a number of offers from different suppliers – and also receive an assessment of your business requirements from suppliers who can often offer more economical solutions. B, such as installing different types of water dispensers in your business premises. Waterlogic is constantly pushing the boundaries of water filtration innovation. Only our patented firewall technology offers 99.9999% filtration against bacteria and viruses that can contaminate your water. When you rent our models, you can update the most advanced model every time you extend. Learn more about renting water coolers with Waterlogic Waterlogic`s Waterlogic Waterlogic cooler rental allows you to enjoy an unlimited supply of purified drinking water to your employees and customers; as well as significant long-term and short-term savings for your business.

Rent a water dispenser and enjoy it: water coolers are superior water solutions with three exclusive steps. By combining porous carbon filter technologies, patented firewall UV lights and the silver additive BioCote, we are able to eliminate 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and microbial organisms 100% of the time. It`s guaranteed. When you purchase your water cooler, you can benefit from tax relief as part of HMRC`s “building and renovation capital allowances,” covering “certain kitchen utensils,” including “refrigerators and similar appliances.”