“All information provided by hhS to the contractor (or subcontractor) or collected by the contractor on behalf of HHS may only be used for the purposes of implementing the provisions of this contract and may not be disclosed or disclosed to individuals unless necessary during the performance of the contract” , says the letter. Modern Healthcare obtained the mail contract through a public application for records. The contract stipulates that UnitedHealthcare is paid up to $500,000 for contractual expenses, while a final contract is being negotiated. UnitedHealthcare has submitted a $1 million fixed-price contract proposal, which represents the estimated size of the final contract. DocuSign is a user-friendly application that speeds up the contract process by allowing you to verify and sign contracts via email – it replaces the need to print, sign and return contracts. If you join a medical group that already has a participation agreement with UnitedHealthcare, you will not receive a direct contract. Instead, you will be added to the group agreement as soon as your filing information request has been approved. (It may take up to three weeks after the notification authorization is approved.) We will let you know as soon as your agreement is fully reached and you are clear to see patients as a UnitedHealthcare network provider. As soon as we have received your request for a CAQH application or approved by the state, we will send you a contract called your participation contract. This usually happens within 10 business days. If you have provided us with an email address, we will send you the DocuSign secure application contract.

(For more information about DocuSign, see below) If not, we will email it to you. Please return your signed contract as soon as possible. We then have it on hand, so once you have approved the application for a deposit authorization, we will be able to put your contract in place in our system. It can take up to four weeks for the installation to be completed. The mail contract states that unitedHealthcare and HRSA had discussions on the contract between April 4 and April 7, the date of the contract. UnitedHealthcare sent the first direct deposits to suppliers on April 10. Remember: receiving a participation agreement from us does not mean that your application has been approved. In order to shorten the onboarding time line, we send you the agreement for verification while your login application will be verified. You will receive a decision on your application separately The postal contract between UnitedHealthcare and HRSA on the management of the Provider Relief Fund offers a first glimpse of the parameters that have structured a mammoth attempt to quickly bring billions of dollars into the bank accounts of health care providers.