You might think the law is binding anyway, so why not promise to comply? And who cares, because you don`t intend to break the law? Besides, it sounds so bad to say you don`t promise to follow the law. Yet there are good reasons to refuse. Americans, to obey someone, especially a parent or teacher to follow an agreement or rule by doing what you should do or what you said, you would formally approve a rule, a law or the decision of someone in authority work on a farm in the summer after Grade 7 was my first full-time summer job. My understanding of the employer-employee relationship was easy at the time – the boss told me what to do, and I did. Soon, the other collaborators “enlightened” me and questioned my simple attitude. As long as they agreed with the boss, they obeyed him. When they disagreed, they lamented and complained, and sometimes they did not obey. “He who has my orders and obeys them is the one who loves me… If someone loves me, they will obey my teaching… Those who do not love me will not obey my teaching… If you obey my commandments, you will remain in my love, as I have obeyed my Father`s commandments and I remain in his love. (John 14:21, 23, 24 and 15:10 NIV) Generally speaking, you should consider a promise to follow the law if violations of the law actually strip your contractual partner. If you are a cloud provider and you store data for your client, for example.B. violation of privacy and other data protection laws can cause serious problems for the customer, even if the customer is innocent.

Indeed, certain laws (for example. B RGPD) require processing managers to encourage their suppliers to promise compliance. So if you refuse to promise, you put your client in trouble. Providers of financial systems can also put their customers in difficulty because of violations of the law. The same is true for many services that have an impact on health and safety. accepting and obeying my journey as a successor to Jesus, I have come to what I have seen that it is often easy to obey the teachings of Jesus… If I agree with them. An obedient answer is much more difficult if I don`t understand or disagree. Do I sometimes really believe it`s for my own good? Our degree of obedience comes from the quality of our relationship to God, motivated by our love for Him. The reality of our relationship is measured by our willingness to do what He asks us to do. Violations of customers` rights are less likely to put suppliers in trouble, but this happens.