If there is no written record of an employee`s specific service class change agreement, the employee receives overtime rates for all hours outside of his or her normal work model. See Payslips on metime? Be detailed, as I am new lol – Employees can access up to 2 weeks of unpaid pandemic leave (or more by agreement with their employer) if they are prevented from working: part-time workers must have a written agreement including the days they work, the number of hours they work these days, their departure and end-of-day hours, breaks and meal times, and stipulate that the minimum daily working time is 3 consecutive hours. The worker and employer must consent in writing to all changes (including electronic communications, for example. B text). How do I look at my pay slips? I`ve looked at time everywhere and I don`t get emails. Can someone please help Communication times do not apply to casual workers. The same applies when a staff member resigns or is dismissed for some reason. You are entitled to a secure job, free from sexual harassment. Contact the SDA for support and representation. This is unacceptable. Sexual harassment is not correct. never. If you are full-time, you must receive an average of 38 hours per week.

Sick and caregiver leave is not paid when employment ends. 87% of fast food workers surveyed reported being verbally abused or aggressive, and 28% reported physical abuse such as beatings, beatings, beatings or threats of physical abuse, such as death threats. Wages must be paid one week or fifteenth day. Wages are paid for hours actually worked for the week/two weeks or, on average, over 14 days. If you have been asked to switch from part-time to casual before moving on to the distinction on February 3, please contact us. . It is important to check that you have been properly paid by looking at your payslip. .

Each year, the SDA works hard at the Fair Work Commission to ensure that pay rates rise and working conditions are protected and improved at the Fast Food Industry Award.