The transition to independence and adult responsibility is an important task, and there is much to do. From university, voluntary activities and the start of a job, make positive and informed decisions, until that means maintaining a lease and working with your future landlord to avoid homelessness. Ontario tenants now have additional protection against forced evictions. – When a landlord terminates a lease to move family members, displaced persons must receive compensation. He has to go through the training. No alcohol or smoking allowed in common areas. License agreement (beds) or guaranteed short-term rental (apartment). E-mail: or The board meets every two weeks to review all homeless applications and decisions are based on the needs and strengths of each candidate. For many young people, the family home offers a safe and loving place where they grow up to become young adults who want to follow their own path in the world. But even for these young people, opportunities to do so are becoming increasingly difficult, especially where there is no financial support and assistance from parents and others. Maximum 2 to one hour per capita 8-10 p.m. 1 night per week per capita.

Tenant Conservation, Moving and Transitional Support This means we are working with you so that you can develop the knowledge and skills to transition to independence when you are ready. Please note that for the examination of your application, the following criteria must be met: in addition to a high deposit, young people have identified high fees related to the rental of brokers as a significant barrier to access to the private rental sector. Accept each agency`s recommendations and recommendations. The YMCAs, who recognize this as a need, have already developed their own alternative models such as Y:Cube. In addition to measures to increase supply, it is also important that immediate action is taken to remove the financial barriers that many young people face when looking for a place to go home. We offer supportive housing and it is a condition to live with us that young people must face our offer of support and respect our internal rules. Opportunities to influence our project through resident group meetings 6 full-time people and 2 part-time people on site Mo-Fr 8-8-8pm, Sa-So 2-6pm, night security personnel, emergency guard system. Key work system with weekly meetings. Action plans with agreed results, audited quarterly. Staff support them with living skills, including budgeting, social counselling, health, access to education, employment and training. As a youth aid organization and youth housing society, the views and ideas of young people are at the heart of our opportunities.

Young people who pass our stay are nominated for accommodation at Southend Borough Council.