The labour arbitration procedure is set up by the parties to the collective dispute and the collective labour dispute settlement service no later than three working days from the end of the review of a collective dispute with the Conciliation Commission or the Ombudsman. Written contracts of individual or collective responsibility (as a team), i.e. full liability for the harm caused to the employer by default of ownership entrusted, are concluded with workers over the age of 18 who use or exploit property or financial property. The actual amount of financial compensation paid to the worker is set in collective or individual work contracts. The employer must inform the worker of the internal work rules of a labour organization, other local legislation relevant to the worker`s professional activity and the terms of a collective agreement. The employment contract may be subject to the conditions of the trial period, confidentiality obligations regarding the secrets protected by law (state, civil servants, trade and others), the obligation for the worker to work for a specified period of time after the training, if such training is offered at the employer`s expense, as well as other conditions that do not aggravate the worker`s situation in relation to this code. laws and other normative acts, the collective agreement, agreements. This appendix is considered an integral part of the collective agreement between the parties and the workers. Article 74. Temporary passage to another body in case of technical necessity Procedures for the Ombudsman`s review of a collective conflict are defined by the parties` agreement with the Ombudsman. The determination of real wages includes wage indexation related to higher prices for consumer goods and services. In companies financed by certain budgets, indexation is carried out in accordance with the law or other acts of standard law.

In other types of businesses, indexation is done according to the collective agreement, contracts or local standard law of the company. Inter-regional alliance, as well as territorial (association) of trade union organisations operating on the territory of a subject of the Russian Federation, can set up legal and technical inspections of trade unions, validly approved on the provisions, in accordance with the provisions of the typical charter of the trade union association of the whole of Russia. In the event of a circumvention of participation in the training or work of the conciliation committee by one of the parties, the collective dispute is subject to consideration of the work conciliation procedure. An agreement between the employer and the employee may provide for the establishment of an incomplete work day or an incomplete work week. This agreement can be reached after the conclusion of an employment contract and later. At the request of a pregnant woman, a parent with a child under the age of fourteen (or a disabled child under the age of 18) and a person caring for a disabled family member after the results of a medical examination, the employer must set an incomplete work day or a week of incomplete work.