While a divorce always involves a separation of bodies, separation without dissolution does not always end in divorce. In some cases, a period of separation can actually help a couple to reconcile and continue their marriage. Resources such as the Gottman Institute, Mort Fertel`s fitness system and Suzanne Alexander`s marital transformation have contributed to knowledge of marital education and helped couples find a stronger marriage and/or learn to create a stronger marriage, even during a period of separation. Alternatively, you can make promises depend as an integrated real estate development. If you do, then, even if the agreement is added later, it will not be changed (at least according to NC law). You need a clause stating that the terms of sharing real estate [and ownership if included] are an integrated real estate location. They are interdependent and reciprocal and cannot be modified without the explicit written agreement of the parties. According to the law, an equal distribution of marital property is preferred, but if one spouse asks for unequal distribution and the judge finds that an unequal distribution would be fair, the court may give one party more over-assets or debts than the other. Judges take many factors into account in deciding to share ownership. These factors include income, wealth and debts of both parties; The seniority and health sectors of the parties; The length of the marriage Each party`s contributions to the other party`s profitability; Tax impact and more. Marital misconduct is not a fair distribution factor, except in cases of financial misconduct after separation. The full list of factors can be find here.

“What do I need to separate in North Carolina?” The simple answer is – everything you need to do is separate with the intention that it will be permanent. What most people mean when they ask this question is what forms of separation or separation agreements are needed in North Carolina. Again, the answer is quite simple. No documentation is required, but in most cases a separation agreement is a good idea. CONSIDERING that each of the parties is over the age of 18 and wishes to confirm its separation and to make arrangements in this regard, including the regulation and adaptation of their property rights as well as other rights, responsibilities and obligations arising from their marital relationship; and you can file a complaint in which you can apply for a fair distribution, in which you can include other claims such as child support, child care, child custody and/or divorce. If your spouse files a complaint against you, you can file your claims in a “response” (the document in court in response to a complaint). There is no standard form for fair distribution, and the process is often complicated. In some counties, local rules that prescribe information at certain points in the court proceedings apply. You can contact a lawyer to help you get a fair distribution.