You must pay the registration fee corresponding to the Lower Office at the time of the recording of the facts. It varies from state to state and also according to the annual rules of the stamp law by the governments of the federal states. West Bengal property and land registry registration: Everything you need to know. The West Bengal government has now allowed buyers to claim refunds of stamp duty and registration fees paid on the Internet only if the document has not been submitted to the sub-register for registration. To request the refund of stamp duty and registration fees, follow this procedure: for all real estate transactions carried out in West Bengal, the executor or buyer must pay stamp duty and registration fees to the Department of West Bengal. The state government has put online the entire process by which the buyer can pay all wealth-related taxes, including stamp duty and online registration fees via the Bengal registration portal. Here is a step-by-step guide on West Bengal punches and registration fees in the state So far, only land purchased by government agencies is exempt from stamp duty and registration fees and is transferred by the state governor. In addition, no other type of transaction is exempt from government taxes, such as stamp duty and registration fees. The registration of a document discourages fraud and also highlights all issues relating to the property in question. It is also a kind of authentic act that the people mentioned in a document are actually the people who created it and that there was no counterfeiting. If registration is neglected, the document will never be considered valid evidence in court, but it will be considered a secondary value.

Long-term rent – Often signed for residential purposes, long-term leases last for one year. These are large sums of money that must be paid in advance and this amount is often returned to the tenant at the end of the period. They are used less than the 11-month lease. To make an online lease to Calcutta or for the rest of West Bengal, follow these steps – I will rent real estate in Calcutta. The tenant has agreed to enter into a tenancy agreement, but is reluctant to go to the registrar to register the contract. “A whole day would have been out of trouble,” he says. The registration of the lease is mandatory in West Bengal.