A surety is a person who signs an agreement to guarantee that a tenant fulfills certain obligations in the tenancy agreement, including all funds liability. The money can be for unpaid rent, damage or repairs for the rental unit. If you sign a warranty contract, you are the guarantor. For more information on warranty contracts for guarantors, click here. The warranty information for the owners is available here. This is especially important as a student, simply because many students plan to stay in Winnipeg for only eight (eight) months a year. As a general rule, a lease for a fixed term – usually for a period of 12 months – but it is also common for a lease to be from one month to the next. If the contract is limited, the lessor must grant the tenant a new tenancy agreement no later than three (3) months before the expiry of the existing contract. If a landlord offers a tenant an extension of a temporary rent, the tenant must sign the extension and return it to the landlord at least 2 months before the term expires. If the tenant does not do so, the tenancy agreement is considered terminated at the end of the period. Tenants cannot cancel the move during a fixed-term lease, but they may transfer or sublet their lease to another person who has been approved by the landlord.

A lessor can legally terminate a lease only for specific and valid reasons under local law, and cannot do so simply because the term of the lease has expired. If it is a temporary rent, the landlord is required to grant the tenant a contract extension three months before the expiry of the period. If the lessor does not propose a renewal and the tenant chooses to remain in the unit, the contract is automatically extended by a new temporary period. Tenants on a fixed-term contract are responsible for renting until the end of the term. Tenants in a month-to-month contract must notify landlords of a full rental period. For more information on exceptions to these rules, please see The Residential Tenancies Branch. The amount of notice a landlord must give to a tenant depends first of all on the reason for the termination and whether the contract has a regular or temporary term. Landlords must use the prescribed form of the rental by-law for all terminations.