If you use the service to support Google`s products or services, designed by a third party or by you (“3rd Party Tags”), you have and adhere to an appropriate privacy policy and comply with all existing agreements and regulations (including information collection), including: 1. Is there an opportunity to create a commercial contract from the purchase agreement?2. Can we also have created sales contract – sales contract from a commercial contract and order, i.e. As part of this GTM agreement, Numer8 will work with SatSure to add geo-located IoT services for deep-sea navigation and alert services to fishermen using its SPARTA platform and expand their commercial space in the Southeast Asian region with SatSure. I see that badi `WB2_ADDITIONAL_DATA` could be used here? Is there detailed documentation for this badi? 1. Therefore, my first question is at what stage the BAdI is read. Is it when the TC is recorded or executed, or even at a later date, when the SO is created? 2. What is the name of the specific BAdI? 3. Do you know if this link has been set up at an SAP GTM client? If so, you have entries, comments or comments about the success of the solution.4. My last question is whether it is possible to block a TC because of exceeding the credit limit as the normal credit management block for SOs? It`s really a challenge to give you advice without seeing the system, but let me try. Therefore, neither the SAP (S/O) contract nor the SAP (P/O) order is sufficient to complete the business process as a starting point. Then you understood the prices mentioned above and you have now decided to use the retail prices, there is a lot of work, because the selling and buying prices must be combined. When we decided to develop GTM, we needed a logistics document, because business is easy to buy and sell to someone else.

Of course, you need a customer order and an order for a supplier/supplier page. That is, WB2_DOCUMENT_COPY is the one you can improve your copy/logic rule. However, I know that is not the answer you are waiting for. so here are a few where you start. If you`re looking at the BAdIs working in T/C, please first take a look at the badi definition `TC_CHANGE` and check the methods. 2.1 Creating a group of functions for the overall definition of data It`s really hard to tell how to solve your problems. 1) If I bet Config on T/C to use “standard price,” then on the purchase terms T/C all works. PB00 derived from Info Rec.

and the net/net price is calculated. Problem: no price transfer on the terms of sale. If you stick to Option 1, it`s still possible, but it requires extra effort to get that work, and it`s NOT provided by SAP. If this is the case, you should check the `Add-Ons Active` setting of `Active Components` under GTM Customization. There are three options – active only for commercial contracts – active for all documents – but I am faced with the problem of transferring data from the newly added field to SO and PO.