“Product” refers to the proprietary computer software program described above. The “product” is the following text, including original copies and all full or partial copies: 1) machine-readable instructions and data, 2) components, 3) audiovisual content (such as images, texts, recordings or images), 4) associated software hardware and 5) software use documents or keys and documentation. In general, in custom software agreements, after the software has been tested and accepted by the customer, all detected errors can be corrected, but at additional cost. An agreement may contain a certain number of development hours for diagnosing and correcting errors after adoption for a specified period of time. There may be a separate maintenance agreement, based on a percentage of the error correction contract and possibly compatibility and security issues that may not have been foreseen in the original project area. However, it is important to note that errors are part of the risks associated with custom software projects. (d) “migration of adjustments and/or changes”; If you have adapted and/or modified the software conceded, maintenance services do not include the migration of your adaptations and/or changes to a share, unless there is anything else to provide as part of a separate professional services agreement whereby Precise has provided such adjustments and/or modifications. All services provided as part of the migration of adaptations and/or changes to the versions are provided as professional services, at a mutually agreed fee, in accordance with a separate agreement on professional services. Normal, priority technical support starts with an e-mail message to the licensee`s support alias. During the process of sorting out questions, problems or incidents reported by your system administrator, they are expected to respond within a business day. This is necessary to categorize the problem or issue and begin the process of making a solution available. Most technical assistance issues and incidents are quickly resolved by email.

Software customization is not included in this agreement. Software adaptation includes code-ready behavior, libraries, JavaScripts, Active Server Pages (ASP, ASPX or ASP.NET), – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or the addition of new features/features. (vi) damage from a non-accurate source, including, but not limited to, water, humidity, fire, electric shocks, computer viruses and accidents. All services required to repair excluded services will be billed to you as time- and equipment-based professional services, in accordance with Precise`s current rates and the terms of Precise`s standard professional services contract.