BCB collects, analyzes and provides credit, trade and finance information to business enterprises in Saudi Arabia in various sectors, such as wholesale and retail. It also provides credit advice and advanced smart solutions that enable clients to make better credit decisions. BCB is a Saudi limited company that has been licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority with a capital of SR 100 million. The integrated business credit provider is owned by several public and private companies; Thiqah Business Services, Takamol Holding, Alinma Bank, Al Bilad Bank and GIB. (i) in the absence of obvious errors in credit information; for and undertakes to compensate CRC and to maintain CRC fully and fully compensated for all acts, procedures, claims, debts (including legal liability), penalties, receivables and costs (including, but not limited, CRC legal costs) benefits, damages, losses and/or expenses resulting from its interpretation of credit information or its decision, whether or not, to grant a credit facility; Or keep the following documents handy to continue the membership process Only some users can become office members according to Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (CICRA). Please check to see if you are a specified member. BCB CEO Mohammad Al-Yousef also welcomed the agreement and said it was consistent with BCB`s plan and objectives in providing services and products that help create an attractive investment environment. Cooperation will ensure good quality, confidentiality and an appropriate exchange mechanism between members. 1.3. The Member acknowledges that CRC does not guarantee or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, currency, validity or adequacy of the information contained in a credit report for specific purposes, as this information is generally not the result of an independent investigation conducted by CRC. The Member also recognizes and accepts that the credit information provided by the CRC is raw data requiring careful review and interpretation by the member.

Accordingly, the member agrees and is committed to ensuring that reports are not the sole basis for his decision to grant/improve/improve/enhance/extend/renew financial assistance or other products he offers to a client. The Member undertakes to implement all necessary due diligence measures and to make all requests that a prudent lender would normally make prior to the above decision. Gulf International Bank (GIB) is pleased to announce the signing of a member contract with the Bayan Credit Bureau (BCB) to exchange credit information services to assess client bankruptcy, compile local and international credit reports and provide other credit counselling services. The agreement was reached by Mr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Helaissi and the Director General of the BCB.