6.4 Women 14 weeks pregnant are welcome to participate in the class, according to their previous yoga experience. We regret that pregnant women are discouraged from participating in the class for less than 12 weeks and without prior yoga experience. Pregnant women are invited to complete a Pilates pregnancy or pregnancy yoga class before practicing. ABOUT OUR EXPERTSJustin Michael Williams is a lively public spokesperson, musician and successful yoga teacher, who travels within the global group and trains the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media and business. He has led the marketing and social media development of more than 150 large and small brands, including Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Noah Mazé and more. He is also co-founder of Business of Yoga, LLC and organizes yoga business retreats around the world that help yoga teachers thrive in the economy. Using his expertise to coach individuals and non-profit organizations, Justin works to spread positivity and drive change across the social web. For more information, see justinmichaelwilliams.com 5.1 Business reservations and private bookings are an agreement between the company and the customer. All class reservations, cancellations and agreements must be made between the company and the customer (the teacher is informed at all times).

Booking or attempting to book a yoga agency teacher independently and not through the company results in the immediate termination of the teacher`s contract and other bookings with the company. 5.2 At the end of a corporate or private contract, the former yoga agency teacher is not allowed to teach the client 6 months after the final teaching date. If the former teacher continues to teach the client within 6 months of the last course, the client is required to reimburse the company for the full amount paid to the teacher for these classes. First of all, you know that a treaty does not need to include everything, but it must contain the fundamental details that will protect both parties and reduce the number of illegitimate assumptions and unmet expectations. Gary shares with us the 10 essentials about your contracts, and we`ll discuss why on each of them in the video. This logistics will allow teachers and studios to work with the calmness they should embody as examples of a solid yoga practice. When I steal corporate yoga contracts, I try to make sure that I get paid directly by the company. I have heard of agreements where the teacher is paid by the students. I do not recommend it, as it can be a challenge in addition to teaching. I also like to distinguish between the pedagogical aspect and the business aspect. 7.1 The company asks all customers to dress appropriately for yoga and pilates classes.

This week I had a few requests for a typical contract that you can use with a client.